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XCIII (93)

Time and change are something that affects us all but as humans we retain an essence of ourselves right through our lives, a thread of continuity that remains throughout our experiences. Transformation in all it's forms has always been a fascination for us and being able to distil a lifetime into a short piece which encapsulates so much history is very compelling.

Our piece XCIII (93), was created in honour of The Queens 93rd birthday. We see her through a series of fleeting glimpses, as she has always been seen in the public eye; from childhood, through to adulthood and to the iconic figure we are so familiar with.

We wanted to capture the beauty and preciousness of those fleeting moments in a medium that perfectly expresses the intangibility of memories.

Year: 2019

Technique: 3D Particle animation


Centrepiece - arcade

Nude descending a staircase, a video installation/centrepiece made of twelve

LED screens it’s our lates collaboration with the artist Marco Brambilla,

for this mesmerising piece visible at the Arcade Food Theatre in Tottenham Court Road London.