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Najma & Yurj  

With 20 years of industry experience working with live action and animation; in design and direction for music videos, TVCs, branded content, TV titles and graphics, corporate videos and also holograms and projection mapping. Najma Bhatti has worked on campaigns with and for, some of the top names and brands in the industry including Christian Louboutin, Speedo, Martini, Burberry, Bon Jovi, The Jonas Brothers, Muse, Andrea Bocelli, Lana Del Rey, Agfa, Coutts and Toyota to name a few. 

With a background from the school of cinema in Rome, theatre direction and also a published writer, Yurj Buzzi brings his experience both in front of the lens as well as behind, to add another dimension to the Four:55 repertoire. 

As a directing duo, Najma & Yurj bring together and direct the right specialist teams of people to bring any given creative to life, whether live action or animation based. Theywork from conception through to delivery, or alongside our clients, developing their existing creative.



Ra has been with the company for 2 years. A familiar face around Soho, he adds his stylish personal touch to all of the productions.

DaVinci has been with the company for four years. This creative genius is never far from his mac and wacom pen.